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Obs Bitrate For 1080p 60fps Recording

Obs Bitrate For 1080p 60fps Recording

obs bitrate for 1080p 60fps recording


Obs Bitrate For 1080p 60fps Recording ->

















































Obs Bitrate For 1080p 60fps Recording



All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Advertise - games. The log files give you information about your previous recordings like CPU usage, dropped, late and duplicated frames and more. Firstly,my encoding settings:. This is also good because the bitrate will never be higher than it needs to be, so if you're recording something where there's not a whole lot of movement on screen your bitrate will be low without it affecting the quality of the video.. Last edited: Nov 3, 2014 rebjorn, Nov 3, 2014 #4 . Here's an article describing what CRF or constant rate factoris: The official Open Broadcaster Software help files: Get theUnity test project here: Share this article: Share on Facebook Tweet it . I'm not sure about these two, but I've read that this is idealfor Youtube which is what I'm aiming for.


MrGoogle87 Member Intro Dear readers, Currently I am trying to get the best settings to record 1080p in 60FPS for Youtube. I was told that to ensure optimal video quality I shouldsave the recorded video to a separate hard drive from the one that was running the application I was recording and that this hard drive should be a SSD, but inmy testing this didn't actually make a difference, so I guess hard drive write speed is not a bottleneck when working with1080p60fps video. I've spent so much time on this now,and in the process managed to get thequality of my recordedvideosfrom absolutely horrible to pretty good, that I guess other people will also be interested in what I've discovered. And many of them were made by just one guy. Indie games were the only games that still looked interesting, but at the same time some of them looked like they would be just as fun to make as to actually play. I'm using the dedicated Windows version. I tried with it both on and off and I felt like the video was smoother with it off. You should also familiarize yourself with the log files and log window. This is because we'vealready disabled all the other means of controlling quality in the encoding settings.Quality Balance in the encoding settings actually does the exact same thing, but for some reason it doesn't go high enough. I know certain games are hard to record without looking pixelated at times (grass, bushes, foliage in the Arma series is a good example).Good luck.


You can try it out and see for yourself,it may be what you're after if your goal is to edit the video in a video editing software rather than upload it directly to Youtube. That is all. Although the Custom x264 Encoder Settings is the only important setting in this tab there are other settings you should experiment with. I've compared my videos to other videos on Youtube of the exact same source material and other people don't have this problem, but I'm sure a lot of Youtubers use dedicated video capture cards which probably make the comparison unfair. I completely forgot about a small, but completely awesome application I use for recordingactual GIFs so I thought I would edit this article and mention it.

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